Dwayne Sodahberk

Dwayne Sodahberk.

Dwayne Sodahberk is the alter ego and main channel of releasing the music of Daniel Söderberg since 1999.


Celebrating those fifteen years and hammering the final nail in Dwayne's coffin is a new compilation of unreleased pop songs, older and newer, that didn't find their way onto an album.


Dwayne Sodahberk started out as an electronic solo artist and ten years later ended up being a rock band. But there has always been something immediately recogniseable as Dwayne about the music, often a mix of brutality and beauty, no matter what genre it's dressed in.


The first Sodahberk releases were electro-ish CD-Rs and crackling minimal electronica 12"s on Stuporsonika. After some tracks on compilatons from Average records and Swayzak recordings I met kid606 and started releasing records on his Tigerbeat6 label. Around 2002-2003 I toured a lot together with kid606 and sometimes also DJ/rupture. The first tb6 releases were wild and unpolished electronica, later semi-electronic pop songs and the last album on tb6 is more or less noise rock. When the music beacame less electronic I toured some with canadian band Picastro and released an LP on Kning Disk. Same year as the last album I made a noisy split-CD-R with Tsukimono back on Stuporsonika.


The first years it was a solo act, then my brother Johan Söderberg and later my friend Per Hellquist joined for live shows. Finally Henrik Olsson joined on drums and these are also the same band members that would form Harr.


On the records I've collaborated with several people; Liz Hysen from Picastro sang and played violin on several tracks. Vocals have also been done by Maria Eilersen from Revl9n, Honey Owens and Maria Kihlberg. Erik Qvick played drums on a song while I was in Reykavik recording guitar and electronics for his own album. Max Turner raps on the "Giant of Patience" single and also on one live show. Robert Hefter joined in with Per Hellquist on some sound experiments on the album "Unfortunately", and Robert also played guitar on a couple of live shows in Berlin.

Another contribution from Per Hellquist is the "Brontofon" or optical loop machine, using loops of 35mm film as sound media, either with scratched rhythms on the sound track or cut up and/or reversed parts of the actual sound on the film strips.

The Brontofon. (photos by Uwe Behrens)









13.dec. Stockholm /Big Ben (with Open Up And Bleeds) -last Sodahberk show.




31.jul. Berlin /West Germany (with Disco Langsam)

29.jul. Wroclaw /Era Nowe Horyzonty Film Festival

20.mar. Stockholm /Klubb Heimat, Landet




25.jul. Norberg Festival

15.aug. Stockholm /Klubb Sherwood

24.aug. Kungälv /Kungälvsparken


06.sep. Sundbyberg /Betlehemskyrkan

31.oct. Dijon /Novosonic Festival

01.nov. Nantes /SOY Festival




19.nov. Brumm, Gothenburgh (with Picastro)

20.nov. Spasi-bar, Oslo (with Picastro)

16.dec. Krets, Malmö




17.jan. Stockholm /Moderna Museet

04.mar. Stockholm /Debaser (w. Soviac)

26.mar. Malmö /Distro

05.apr. Paris /La Fleche d'Or (w. Picastro)

28.apr. Stockholm /Cafe Valborg

30.apr. Göteborg /G.A.T. (w. Ovo, Las Palmas)

02.june. Stockholm, Ugglan.

09.nov. Metz, Musiques Volantes Festival, w/Faust, dDamage and more.

10.nov. Paris, Point Ephemere, w/ Subtle




12.may. Stockholm /Volupte

8.jun. Bergen /Landmark

29.sep. Stockholm /Street (featuring Max Turner on vocals)

22.oct. Gothenburg /GAT (w. Playdo, Skull Defekts)

28.oct. Stockholm /Nalen (w. Radio Dept.)


13.nov. Birmingham /Flapper & Firkin (w. Picastro)

14.nov. London /Betsey Trotwood (w. Picastro)

16.nov. Manchester /Scubar basement (w. Picastro)

17.nov. London /Purple Turtle (w. 65daysofstatic, Random Numbers)

18.nov. Oxford /Wheatsheaf (w. Picastro)

19.nov. Brighton /the Freebutt (w. Picastro, The Chap)




26.mar. Stockholm /Trans Europe Express

21.aug. Copenhagen /Public Service festival

1.oct. Paris /Nouveau Casino

23.oct. Rennes /Elektroni[k] festival




28.feb Reykjavik

13.mar. Gothenburg /ideal festival

18.mar. Västerås

3.apr. Stockholm /Kulturhuset w. the Microphones


with kid606

19.apr. Brosarp /Neon Gallery

18.apr. Copenhagen /

20.apr. Aarhus /Splab

23.apr. Oslo /Bla

24.apr. Gothenburg /Nefertiti

25.apr. Stockholm /Kulturhuset


with kid606 &dj/rupture:

2-Aug. Los Angeles, CA Echo Lounge w/8 frozen modules dj set

3-Aug. San Diego, CA Casbah w/titwrench

4-Aug. Phoenix, AZ Modified w/terminal 11

7-Aug. Denton, TX Rubbergloves w/stars as eyes

8-Aug. Austin, TX Emo's w/stars as eyes

9-Aug. Houston, TX Fat cat's/ Hands Up w/stars as eyes

10-Aug. New Orleans, LA House Of Blues

11-Aug. Atlanta, GA Echo Lounge

12-Aug. Chapel Hill, NC Go

13-Aug. Baltimore, MD / DC Ottobar

14-Aug. Philadelphia, PA First Unitarian Church w/duran duran duran

15-Aug. New York, NY Knitting Factory w/ donna summer,end

16-Aug. Boston, MA Middle East w/dev null

17-Aug. Montreal, PQ La Salla Rossa

18-Aug. Toronto, ONT Lee's Palace w/0=0

19-Aug. Detroit, MI Magic Stick w/soundmurderer

21-Aug. Chicago, IL Empty Bottle

22-Aug. Milwaukee, WI Cactus w/ baseck

23-Aug. Minneapolis, MN Triple Rock

27-Aug. Seattle, WA Chop Suey

28-Aug. Vancouver, BC Brickyard

29-Aug. Portland, OR Blackbird w/ nice nice

30-Aug. San Francisco, CA Bottom Of The Hill w/total shutdown,dynasty


12.sept Paris /Centre Pompidou w. Static & Ronald Lippock


with kid606 & dj/ rupture:

19.sept. fri ch-st. gallen/ grabenhalle

20.sept. sat ch-dudingen/ bad bonn

21.sept. sun ch-genf/ usine

23.sept. tueitaly/ napoli tbc

25.sept. thu hu-budapest/ ultrahang festival

26.sept. fri slo-ljubljana w. oddateee

27.sept. sat cro-zagreb/ kset

28.sept. sun a-graz/ popculture

30.sept. tue a-linz/ hafengelSÿnde

1.oct. wed a-wien/ rhiz

2.oct. thud-karlsruhe/ zkm

3.oct. fri nl-groningen/ vera

4.oct. sat d-dresden/ scheune

5.oct. sun d-hamburg/ waagenbau

6.oct. mon d-passau/ jz

8.oct. wed d-koln/studio 672

9.oct. thu d-berlin/ wmf

11.oct. sat e-barcelona/ nitsa


with kid606:

12.oct. Warsaw /Jazzgot

16.oct. Berlin /Dönerlounge w. Team Shadetek

17.oct. Thessaloniki

18.oct. Athens

21.oct. Gent

22.oct. Hasselt

23.oct. Lille /La Condition Publique w. Dat Politics

24.oct. Lyon /Ninkasi Kao

25.oct. Reims /Festival Octob'Rock

26.oct. Mulhouse /Noumatrouff

28.oct. Bordeaux /Zoobizarre

29.oct. Poitiers /Confort Moderne

31.oct. Paris /Nuit Electro de la Cite de la Musique

01.nov. Marseille /Poulpasson


with Smyglyssna & Andreas Tilliander:

27.nov. Paris /CCS

28.nov. Caen /Boreales-festival w. Kim Hjorthoj


29.nov. Nantes /Le Lieu Unique

16.dec. Stockholm /Oskavstokyo




20.feb. Paris /Batofar

22.feb. Nantes /Le Lieu Unique w. Smyglyssna


23.may. Stockholm /Popaganda

29.jun. Stockholm /Fylkingen w. Mikael Stavsöstrand & Ola Bergman


15.sept. Stockholm /Kulturhuset


with kid606:

24.sept. Poitiers /Carre Bleu

25.sept. Bordeaux /Zoobizarre w. Group Gris

26.sept. Grenoble

28.sept. Birmingham /Custard Factory

29.sept. Manchester /the Attic

30.sept. Cambridge /the Junction

1.oct. Nottingham /Moog bar

3.oct. Leuven /Stuk


4.oct. Luxembourg /Virus

5.oct. Paris /Batofar w. Thomas Brinkmann


6.oct. London /Plastic People w.kid606 & dj/ rupture


11.oct. Gothenburg /Cafe Public

29.oct. Stockholm /attn.sthlm




25.mar. Stockholm

2.mar. Stockholm /Kulturhuset

25.sept. Stockholm /Osaka vs Tokyo




? don't remember, maybe i played harvestfestivalen this year.

and around Stockholm.


1999 july, first Dwayne-concert at Arvikafestivalen..









Dwayne Sodahberk Discography.



To be released 2014: a compilation of unreleased Dwayne Sodahberk music. mp3 only.



Interdikt album on Tigerbeat6/Stuorsonika (mp3/cdr)


Tell each other ghost stories split album with Tsukimonono Stuporsonika, cdr




Fjärilsfalu album on Kning Disk. Vinyl and mp3 only.


a track on the compilation Har du hört den förut? - Förmögenhet-covers.



Dedication Aterrorizado limited CDr (24 copies) on Stuporsonika.


Collaborating on two songs on Picastro's album Whore Luck, Polyvinyl.



Cut Open album on Tigerbeat6.


A remix on Soviac's single Oga Shaga.



Murder Attempts a limited (100 copies) edition CDr with
a handful of electroacoustic pop songs.


Giant of Patience (feat. Max Turner), businesscard CD-single,
Elefantkvinnan Editions.


one song on Picastro's new album Metal Cares, Polyvinyl/Monotreme,
is remixed by Dwayne.


another Picastro song remixed by Dwayne released on the Wire Tapper 13
with issue 256 of The Wire.


There's a Dwayne-remix on Kid606's Done With The Scene EP


and there's a Dwayne-remix of Stars As Eyes on the last Fight Club 12" 
from Tigerbeat6



Revenge of the Fight Club 12", Tigerbeat6, Dwayne remixed by Janosh Brando


tracks on compilations: Mitek: process, Mitek, 
and Futurism ain't shit to me, Kitty-Yo


remixing Numbers on Death, Tigerbeat6
 and Sophie Rimheden on H2-FI,



Unfortunately album, Tigerbeat6.


The Partying Without Inhibition Or Dignity EP 12" & CDep, Tigerbeat6.
(cd-version contains songs from Unsound EP and E.Pr disco EP 12"s)


Paws Across Scandinavia 7" split with Kid606, Tigerbeat6/iDEAL.


and 3 exclusive DS-tracks on Paws Across the World comp, Tigerbeat6.


Erik Qvick Daniel Söderberg Agnar Mar Magnusson album, Qvirec 2003.



Don't Want To Know You album, Tigerbeat6.


State CDr, R.I.S./Stuporsonika. (as Mutist)


a track on the 45 seconds of: comp, Simballrec.


a track on 240 Volts vol 2 comp, Swayzak recordings.


remixing Numbers on Paws across America 2002 comp, Tigerbeat6



Unsound EP 12", Stuporsonika.


E.Pr.Disco EP 12", Voltmusik. (with Janosh Brando)


a-noi-a CDr, R.I.S./Stuporsonika.


tracks on 00000100 2x12" comp, Average records (one as D.S. and three as part of Malcolm D)


and 2 tracks on Tigerbeat6 Inc. comp, Tigerbeat6.



[untitled ep] 12", Stuporsonika.


[untitled ep] 12", Stuporsonika. (with J. Kallback)



K.E. & D.S. presents Stuporsonika CDr, Stuporsonika.
(with Klaus Egerbrandt)


meux-j & th.A-set CDr, Stuporsonika.


t-ses's CDr, Stuporsonika.


a track on the 240 Volts comp, Swayzak recordings.



Kindness EP 10", Spinner Recordings. (as the Lacunary)